Actually, animal is a common inspiration of jewelry design industry. As we know that peacock is often applied in rings especially in South Asia; snake is preferred by some world-class brands in rings and necklaces as a symbol of uniqueness and strength. Actually, some other animals and cartoon animal characters are also applied in jewelry.

When it comes to animal jewelry, the first impression of many people would be the swan necklace or bracelet of Swarovski. But in fact,the cartier jewelry and van cleef & arpels jewelry also have animal jewelry.

With the popularity of Kung Fu Panda, more and more replica cartier jewelry designers and buyers fall in love with panda elements. As a lovely animal, panda is regarded as a representative of eastern culture and mystery. The moment of a panda eating bamboo has been designed as a ring while the head of panda has been designed as golden pendant, crystal ring and so on.

What’s more, recently, there is a wonderful design which combines panda and mermaid. The former one is about east while the latter is an important element in western culture. When you see the design that a cute panda made of gems and diamonds in a stunning pink mermaid dress, you will definitely fall for it.

You can also find other cute animal elements such as the colorful goldfish cartier love bracelet wholesale, adorable polar bear ring as all kinds of bird jewelry. When you are off work, please try something lovely and make your life more relaxing.