All good things there is always a chance, or the birth of a story, like the birth of each watch is accompanied by fate. In 1904, the luyi·kadiya their friends--legendary aerospace pioneer aerbeituo·sangtuosi·dumeng (Alberto Santos-Dumont) designed a flight with a watch, and the "Santos". Since then, a legendary jeweler opened the road to Legend tab. Tank series of 1918, which broke through the European stalemate of tank for inspiration, not only to pay tribute to the military inventions, also expresses people's yearning for peace and desire. The Ballon Bleu series for 2007, in human history of the first hot-air balloon – "mengtegefeier hot-air balloon" inspiration, a symbol of the innovative spirit of a breakthrough in a rut. After 8 years, however, new members of the Replica Cartier Watch family Cl e de Cartier series is finally born, is accompanied by a story?






Why Cartier new members is "a key"?



For a century, Cartier watches timepiece creations has maintained his rhythm and serious attitude, not only for watch lovers for its classic and memorable, look forward on its innovation. Now, the latest Cl e series deCartier is finally born, of French "CL e" means the keys, this is the story of a nostalgic time.






Do you remember the old clock? old melodious Bell that is time for our first impressions, the home of the grandmother, Grandma every now and then with a key into the clock hole, debug only the time machine at home. Do you also secretly took the magic key to find out what? the latest Cl e series de Cartier is the old debugging inspired clock key, turn it into Cl e de Cartier Crown design, and a Sapphire inlaid in Cartier customary way, the more delicate and mysterious. Old clocks has been key for the tool chain and time adjustments on until the middle of the 19th century, key chain and adjusting the performance time was gradually replaced by the Crown. Now, Cl e de Cartier series-key for design inspiration, full of nostalgia and the return of means, has to make the feeling.






Meanwhile, Cl e de Cartier series Crown not only product design to achieve key shape, but also experience similar feelings. First, the Crown in the chain as well as the capability to adjust the time and watch the same, different is used so much, feel like a key. In front of the watch chain and timing, you must unscrew the Crown shaped like a key, like debugging with key classical watches, adjusting after the Crown is pushed back to the in situ, automatic recovery without hand vertical. In addition, the design even more special add a melodious sound effect, soft "clicking" sound with the action of rotation and push in the Crown, in delicate places stimulate the senses. This mysterious charm Ding clock in no way inferior to the House that that appeal.




Look only at birth with recognizable Cartier gene



How constant innovation insists, is the problem of every individual, every brand. Cartier after a century of the tabulation process, which classic DNA has been keeping it? look at the several different series of Cartier.






These are the classic Cartier series, first look is not the same as the eye, square, round, turtle-shaped but looking a lot of detail on the unified element. "Cartier" logo since Needless to say, unified Roman numeral time scales, colors, uniform, Sword-shaped blue steel hands, mosaic Sapphire Crown, silver sculpture of Sun line radiation effects dial, even brand unique Tank square, Santos rounded, Tortue tortoise shell has become an irreplaceable element ... ... These minor classical element is part of the Cartier brand DNA. Of course, not all these elements are designed to first, but these are certainly the most distinctive brand gene.






Then compare the latest Cl e de Cartier classic series, the results were clear, a glance is Cartier's friends, even several years after Cartier and a new series, also must not get out too far.






As regards the case of the new Member of the family, it is necessary to say a few words, how is it turned out came to say a is consistent with shell of the Visual Arts. People who actually love to know, it is 19shijiliu?qishiniandai very popular "abalone" pebble-shaped casing, that age, many watch brands have released similar to abalone watch. Now reproduce this classic Cartier design, round and full, not only because of the shell forming one of the beauty, but also with a strong retro flavor.




Look lively adept movement






First published in April 2015 Cl e de Cartier series pioneered the junior styles of acupuncture dates, a total of 40 mm, 35 mm and 31 mm in three sizes of table. 40 mm and 35 mm model 1847MC automatic movement; 31 mm version is equipped with automatic movement. September upcoming Cl e de floating Tourbillon watches are assembled in Cartier 9452 MC-refined hand-wound mechanical movement workshop, equipped with floating Tourbillon. And Cartier in the potential of the future, the new series, will assemble high performance movement, more expectations.






Concern is this Cartier, independent research and development of new 1847MC, "1847" not contingent income and represents the brand of the year. Today, Cartier has developed 33 Cartier unique movements, although the brand has always been like for your special year to independent research and development named after the movement, named after the brand established since reflects Cartier's value of this movement, must also spend much effort.






1847, this self-winding calibre MC 25.6 mm diameter, movement consistent with case design principles: simple and efficient. Movement is equipped with a quick barrel, greatly improves the stability, bi-directional automatic winding mechanism with specially designed lever system, particularly durable. Movement with Geneva ripple (Vagues de Gen è ve) modified, with half-unlocking date display function and up to 42 hours of power reserve.






September upcoming Cl e de Cartier floating Tourbillon watches, brand hot overweight after the big bang, immediately fill the gaps in this series of highly complex functions. Apart from luxury diamond pavé set appearance striking, 9452 MC of the internal Assembly manually wound movement, carrying floating Tourbillon is eye-catching. Core-diameter 24.9 mm, part number 142 of the movement, drawing, chamfer grinding Needless to say, balance vibration frequency 21,600 times per hour, about 50 hours power reserve. Finally, a "Poin c on de Gen è ve" (Geneva marks) is also no surprise.






Anyway, this Cl e de Cartier finally series from the inside out is a worthy table fans look forward to.






Summary: this is a popular "retro" era, people busy, while holding a sentimental nostalgia, no longer blind pursuit of speed and enjoy, but began seeking emotional and spiritual belonging. This day, Cartier launched a retro style watches, vintage taste, innovative spirit, in spirit in this day and age it is very appropriate. Watch technology, technology, design of ... ... Above is describe in sufficient detail, and there are brands century craftsman spirit, masters-level security and design considerations, and say not, fans started waiting tables experience.






Finally put on a Cl e de Cartier watches, and cherish the memory of an older time, start a new journey.