Hermes brand has always been good at making itself into a legend, in fact, the legend of it all are in repeating the same theme - manual.Every season, fake hermes productsno matter handbags, wallets, scarves and saddles are manufactured in the same way, they used the investment of time and money on manual craftsmen to maintain their quality.Now hermes group headquarters is located in Paris, the famous Fubao avenue, while its boutique scattered in the hundreds of stores of more than 30 countries and regions. The 6th generation family members in charge of the company founder still loyal to formulate the basic values, perhaps,Hermes brand is a legend.


One billionaire who likes luxurious life went bankruptcy, he was very poor with an elegant noble trunk not being given up.He was advised to sold the box, "at least you are comfortable enough in the first half."Stubbornly, "no," the old man said, "leave it on my side, at least I still feel like a rich man."This is a story of hermes brand, it tells us how a brand can affect people's lives.


In Paris in 1837, Thierry Hermes, who was born in Germany founded his own harness manufacturing company, the first business trade is made collars for the horse.Thierry Hermes took a lot of time and effort, meticulous, finally in the 1867 world exhibition leather won first-class business award.

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