Speaking of bulgari jewelry, what will you think of?Colored gems?A circle and a circle again? With huge mysterious sense, someone who wears it always looks with powerful aura. This is from the female prick to goddess, you must be unable to bypass the fake bulgari jewelry!


BVLGARI B.zero1 series

Where does the name of BVLGARI B.z ero1 series B.zero 1 come from? The letter B among them mystery series name represents the Bulgari, and number 01 represents the starting point of the eternity, a symbol of the cheap bulgari jewelry enduring classic.


BVLGARI B.z ero1 series inspiration - Rome

It was inspired by the famous Roman arena, B.zero 1 indicates concise spiral curved past, presentsthat future seemed to metaphor, mapping is the eternal city of enduring glory.


The design sketch of BVLGARI B.zero1 series was born in 1999, is the now new member of 131 - years - old bulgari jewelry family. Although only 16 years old, it has quickly become the star products of the brand, spawned countless series, and every season there are new faces appear.

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