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Charm About Cartier Love Bracelet

Le 18 January 2016, 10:28 dans Humeurs 0

High price makes Cartier Love Bracelet and Rolex watch a symbol of a noble identity.Its charm is that it is composed of two semicircular part, when worn on the wrist, can only use Cartier special screwdriver to open it.


It is because of its original interpretationfor the faithful love, Cartier love bracelet was regarded as lover symbol when it came to world.True love bracelet owns special technology, and the price also is very expensive, which cater to the fashion of celebrity and stars in love.


The famous duke of Windsor couples made it witness the true love.  Hollywood handsome boy Tom Cruise sent his former wife Katie Holmes Cartier love bracelet with 18k gold as a new mother present.Estee Lauder's current CEO Leonard sent brand ambassador Elizabeth Hurley Cartier love bracelet to express love.Not only that, the bracelet has also become the best accessories among all the stars, many foreign stars have brought their Cartier love bracelet to attend the public activity.


Designer Aldo Ci pullo in an interview said: "love becomes too commercialized. If there is no love, life will be nothing at all. The modern people needs is the symbol of love, looks semi-permanent, or at least needs to delete, after all, love should display a symbol of the eternal quality."


Do You Know Replica Bulgari Jewelry?

Le 18 January 2016, 10:21 dans Humeurs 0

Speaking of bulgari jewelry, what will you think of?Colored gems?A circle and a circle again? With huge mysterious sense, someone who wears it always looks with powerful aura. This is from the female prick to goddess, you must be unable to bypass the fake bulgari jewelry!


BVLGARI B.zero1 series

Where does the name of BVLGARI B.z ero1 series 1 come from? The letter B among them mystery series name represents the Bulgari, and number 01 represents the starting point of the eternity, a symbol of the cheap bulgari jewelry enduring classic.


BVLGARI B.z ero1 series inspiration - Rome

It was inspired by the famous Roman arena, 1 indicates concise spiral curved past, presentsthat future seemed to metaphor, mapping is the eternal city of enduring glory.


The design sketch of BVLGARI B.zero1 series was born in 1999, is the now new member of 131 - years - old bulgari jewelry family. Although only 16 years old, it has quickly become the star products of the brand, spawned countless series, and every season there are new faces appear.

At, you can find a wide collection of replica bvlgari ring, including bvlgari b.zero1 ring, bvlgari spenti ring and cheap bvlgari-bvlgari ring. All of them are made of 316L stainless steel with 3-layer genuine gold plated, nickle free and lead free, complying with the EU standard.

As for the product size:You can place the order on our store directly, and leave me a message of what size you need or send me

The Story of Hermes

Le 18 January 2016, 10:17 dans Humeurs 0

Hermes brand has always been good at making itself into a legend, in fact, the legend of it all are in repeating the same theme - manual.Every season, fake hermes productsno matter handbags, wallets, scarves and saddles are manufactured in the same way, they used the investment of time and money on manual craftsmen to maintain their quality.Now hermes group headquarters is located in Paris, the famous Fubao avenue, while its boutique scattered in the hundreds of stores of more than 30 countries and regions. The 6th generation family members in charge of the company founder still loyal to formulate the basic values, perhaps,Hermes brand is a legend.


One billionaire who likes luxurious life went bankruptcy, he was very poor with an elegant noble trunk not being given up.He was advised to sold the box, "at least you are comfortable enough in the first half."Stubbornly, "no," the old man said, "leave it on my side, at least I still feel like a rich man."This is a story of hermes brand, it tells us how a brand can affect people's lives.


In Paris in 1837, Thierry Hermes, who was born in Germany founded his own harness manufacturing company, the first business trade is made collars for the horse.Thierry Hermes took a lot of time and effort, meticulous, finally in the 1867 world exhibition leather won first-class business award.

If you admiration to accelerate your baby one with an absorbing gift, again Chiffon adornment will be appropriate choice. If you are clumsy to allow those affluence and cher jewelry, the Replica Hermes Jewelry will be the best alternative.

As for the product size:You can place the order on our store directly, and leave me a message of what size you need or send me

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